BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Chris Brown and Rihanna. I feel you.....

The flutter of butterfly wings tickled my insides as I awaited his arrival. Have you ever noticed butterfly wings of happiness feel the same as fear. His love was wrapped around pain, canada, mexico, india, frequently expressed with an open handed slap, a rough elbow to my side or fingernails digging deeply into my skin. NOCTAMID without a prescription, A motion to reach for the revolver that was kept beneath the car seat packed more of a punch than his hands did. It was all very confusing, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION. Love mixed with pain, never knowing what was in store for the day. It was like a rollercoaster in the seventh circle of Hell, NOCTAMID natural. Climbing to astounding heights and suddenly plummeting, fast and furious, Where to buy NOCTAMID, stomach dropping. Dangerous. BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Torturous. My life.

I was sweet sixteen, NOCTAMID coupon, a pretty girl, intelligent and bookish, NOCTAMID price, with very few dates. An outsider looking in saw a girl that had it all, excellent grades, too many extracurricular activities to count and acceptance by all of the cliques because I refused to allow myself to be boxed in, order NOCTAMID from mexican pharmacy. Yet loneliness constantly plagued me. Inside I remained the shy, insecure, only child that was more often than not playing the violin or reading a book instead of learning the latest dance step, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION. I suppose my flurry of activity kept me from finding meaningful relationships. Order NOCTAMID online c.o.d, He filled that void.

He was charming, handsome, well liked and known for his explosive temper, NOCTAMID from canadian pharmacy. Unafraid of confrontation, ready to battle at a moments notice. BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Knowing that he was an undercover bad boy may have been one of the things that attracted me to him. NOCTAMID price, coupon, The romance began quickly and without skipping a beat my world soon revolved around school, homework, and Him. The few friends that I had were systematically detached from me, NOCTAMID class. His ubiquitous presence hindered girl talk with friends and our volatile behavior (fighting –that at times was physical) encouraged the few friends that we shared to simply drift away. We soon become our own private island. Isolated, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION. What is NOCTAMID, Utterly and completely wrapped up in our own little world.

I believe our physicality opened the door for true violence. I vividly recall when we reached a turning point. I lay sprawled on the hood of his car with his fingers wrapped tightly around my neck, NOCTAMID australia, uk, us, usa, as my feet dangled off the ground. BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, In that moment, everything changed.

And yet, Generic NOCTAMID, I stayed. After my first attempt to leave I realized that staying was easier. By ending the relationship I opened myself up to his stalking, he lurked around every corner, NOCTAMID results, wild-eyed and crazy. There was less danger in the possibility of his wrath than the guarantee. At one point I begged a mutual male friend for help but given our history he dismissed my request, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION. After NOCTAMID, It took me a long time to forgive that slight. I later learned that he believed we were up to our old antics but I know fear was evident in my eyes.

Convinced that no help was forthcoming, I resigned myself to play tiptoe in the tulips in my relationship for many months, NOCTAMID over the counter, never knowing what action would incur his wrath. After our “encounters” he would apologize profusely, Effects of NOCTAMID, tears streaming down his face, accompanied by gentle whispers of “I love you.” Gifts of jewelry or flowers were the norm. BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, This cycle repeated for six months and when he accosted me at school I finally went to the police. They were no help. During our “altercation” I split his lip and he was aways careful to leave no bruises on me, NOCTAMID interactions. The victim became the criminal, he could have pressed charges and had me arrested for assault. NOCTAMID alternatives, Never mind he’d spent the better part of two hours slapping me repeatedly as I stood my ground. My only recourse was to stop talking to him and continue my life, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION.

Easier said than done.

I suddenly found myself alone, a castaway with nothing and no one to lean on, cheap NOCTAMID. When he wooed me with the magic words “anger management” and “therapy” I grabbed that lifeline and stayed on for the ride. This continued until the fateful day when he calmly said, NOCTAMID maximum dosage, “I’ll go to jail for you and no one else will have you.” His words were easily delivered; I believe a tear rolled down his cheek. BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Comprehension briefly escaped me but his allusion to a girl that lost her life at the hand of a lover placed the writing on the wall. He was ready and willing to kill me.

I tried to formulate an escape plan but it was impossible. I could not tell my mother, australia, uk, us, usa, after our first visit to the police she believed the relationship was over. He knew my every move. He had people watching me and when a male friend came to take me to the movies for my birthday, all hell broke loose, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION. NOCTAMID treatment, Someone saw us at the movies. A phone call was made. He arrived at my house as my friend was leaving and with the vein in his forehead pulsing he asked my friend to “talk” to him at the back of his car. I screamed No, purchase NOCTAMID online no prescription. BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, My mother asked him to leave and a crisis was averted. You see my “beau” kept a gun in his trunk, so there would be no ‘talking.”

For the next couple of hours we stayed holed up in my house, NOCTAMID cost, I explained the situation as my friend took it all in. Around eleven my mother asked him to go, she didn’t know about the gun but figured He had gone home. Twenty years later the scene that followed is still vivid, fast shipping NOCTAMID. My friend took careful dance-like steps to the car and I felt immediate relief when he made it in. My hopes were quickly dashed when I heard shouting and the screech of wheels hitting the pavement, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION. An explosion of gunshots rang out in fast succession. Buy NOCTAMID online cod, The car whizzed by my door. He ran in pursuit, revolver drawn, shouting “I will kill you Mother Fucker!”

The rest passed by in a flash, where can i cheapest NOCTAMID online. Hysteria and mayhem ensued. BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, My life was turned upside down. After taking my statement the police called me at every turn – we’ve arrested him; he turned over like a baby, NOCTAMID from canadian pharmacy, this event likely the highlight of their career. Meanwhile, with conflicted emotions I knew this could have been averted, why did they turn a deaf ear to my cry for help.

I later learned that a “stakeout” had taken place. His friends watched and waited for the drama to unfold. Crazy, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION. One girl knocked on my door and tried to coerce us to come outside. Funny, today she asked me to be a friend on facebook. The account was reported in the daily newspaper but few uttered a word. In my desperate silence I still remained alone. BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, When my grades went from A’s to D’s the guidance counselor conducted an intervention and the story came out. The school psychologist provided a sympathetic ear, an unbiased perspective and enabled me to let the healing begin, a welcome respite from the craziness that dwelled in my head. I’d love to be able to say that I was “cured” but I am unable to tell that lie.

Although I have never allowed a man to physically abuse me again, I have experienced relationships that entailed verbal and emotional abuse. I have never been ignorant about it, even when I was 16 I knew I was caught up in battered woman’s syndrome. I hate to say this but knowledge is not always power, BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION.

I am married now and the days of abuse are far behind me. I tell my story for several reasons. I hope that young women realize that this type of behavior is not normal, is not love and no matter what “they” tell you, abuse grips you like a vise and never completely lets go. I also implore those of you that have never experienced this to “judge not, lest you be judged.” You can cavalierly say “just leave” but my story and so many others have proven that these situations are most dangerous when you attempt to leave and it takes carefully planning to do so successfully.


Renee blogs at Cutie Booty Cakes.

BUY NOCTAMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Help is available to callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hotline advocates are available for victims and anyone calling on their behalf to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, information and referrals to agencies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Assistance is available in English and Spanish with access to more than 170 languages through interpreter services. If you or someone you know is frightened about something in your relationship, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224..



BUY LEXOTAN OVER THE COUNTER, It comes back in waves, erratic waves that send chills down my spine, covers my skin in goose bumps and brings tears to sting my eyes.  Little things, like tripping over my own feet, the boy next to me grabbing my wrist in an effort to keep me from falling. LEXOTAN photos, And I scream.


I don’t even really want to talk about it anymore, order LEXOTAN from mexican pharmacy. Taking LEXOTAN, I’ve talked about it so much, so often, buy no prescription LEXOTAN online, LEXOTAN maximum dosage, too many times, to too many people who haven’t believed me or didn’t want to listen or who shut it out or who used it to hurt me, order LEXOTAN no prescription, LEXOTAN dose, again and again.  I’ve told it so many times through the mania and the depression that in retrospect it probably triggered that sometimes the details change – God, don’t the details always change after this long, LEXOTAN for sale. LEXOTAN no rx, – and sometimes I’m not sure what really happened and what didn’t anymore.  And too many people will tell me my version, any version, LEXOTAN natural, LEXOTAN forum, is wrong.  I’m wrong.

And since, my God, since.  That was the first time I almost died.  It’s happened so many times since then it’s become silly to count.  That party, where I was roofied.  That guy, who tried to bash my head in, who broke into my house.  The other guy with the raging coke habit.  That car accident.  Those pills.  And those other pills.  The booze, the late nights-come-mornings, the loss of brain cells and burial of events so far in my psyche that I became free in my captivity, fell in love with my captor so rapturously that I sang my sorrows like an aria from the darkest opera that I never saw when victimization became characterization and I was a shell of a soul, talking but not walking my own sordid path, BUY LEXOTAN OVER THE COUNTER.

And I became haunted by a ghost, LEXOTAN wiki. Buy cheap LEXOTAN no rx, A ghost I can’t remember.

A person I can’t remember, LEXOTAN steet value. Online buy LEXOTAN without a prescription, A night I can’t remember. BUY LEXOTAN OVER THE COUNTER, A life I can’t remember.


Ten years later, LEXOTAN blogs. Where can i buy LEXOTAN online, This August marks a decade.

I’m married now.  I have a son – oh, LEXOTAN overnight, LEXOTAN street price, what a mindf*ck that is – and more pets than any quasi-sane person should own.  I have friends who don’t know, and I’ve quit telling them, after LEXOTAN, LEXOTAN schedule, no longer wanting to let that be my signifier, stopping wearing that scarlet letter on my chest, LEXOTAN mg. About LEXOTAN, I try to fill my life with love now.  Real love.  Where how damaged and broken I’ve become doesn’t matter any more than my ACT scores.  And where the people who see me as Less Than are no longer the markers by which I judge myself.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still struggle.  That it doesn’t adversely affect my relationship with my too-good-to-be-true husband, because no one can really be trusted, nor can they really love me, BUY LEXOTAN OVER THE COUNTER. That I’m not still caught off guard by a scene in a movie, LEXOTAN price, coupon, No prescription LEXOTAN online, causing me to bolt out of the room without explanation.  That the sound of metal hitting bone makes me throw up in my mouth.  That I will never sit in the backseat of an American made car.  That I still hate driving that stretch of highway.  That sometimes it’s too much and I drink or shop or exercise my demons away, for now, LEXOTAN from mexico. Buy LEXOTAN without prescription, That someone grabbing my wrist will forever make me scream.

And that sometimes, discount LEXOTAN, Real brand LEXOTAN online, a story, these stories, LEXOTAN alternatives, pull commiseration out of the depths of my shattered, walled-off soul and I can’t help but this one last time to finally stand up and say, me too.
Me, too.


Tabatha blogs here and tweets here. She asks that you keep all comments here on this post, rather than over at her own blog where it isn't as safe. Thank you..



BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, It started at 15. My boyfriend at the time thought it was great fun to hit me when he was drunk. I stayed for five years. He was the typical “I’m sorry it won’t happen again” but it always did, is LEVLEN addictive. He cheated and I always took him back. I loved him, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION.

One of his best friends raped me. Herbal LEVLEN, My boyfriend didn’t believe me. I stayed. He brought his friend around and forced me to be nice to him. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, I started to doubt myself in a very big way.

I moved 500 miles away, where to buy LEVLEN. Looking for a new start. With a person who treated me right. Order LEVLEN online overnight delivery no prescription, I thought I had found him. We went place and did things, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION. He bought me stuff. Didn’t hit me. Once again I thought I was in love, buying LEVLEN online over the counter.

I moved in with him, and a month later, LEVLEN australia, uk, us, usa, it started. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, It was subtle, I didn’t really catch on then. He came home drunk and threw a potted tree at me. Did the whole crying, “I’m sorry, buy LEVLEN from canada, won’t happen again” thing.

I got pregnant with number one, LEVLEN duration, and my life totally changed. He said I was a worthless, useless piece of shit and a horrible mother because she had colic and wouldn’t stop crying.

I was totally frazzled and actually believed him, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION. I should have known what was going on when he forced me to have sex while the baby was in her bouncer chair screaming and he wouldn’t let me get her, LEVLEN class.

Ended up pregnant again. By this time the only friends or family that I had around was his. What is LEVLEN, Luckily, somehow, he started letting me go to my mom’s for a month during the summer. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, His control was still there, he would always call me, accuse me of cheating on him, other stuff like that, and I never knew when he would show up.

When my second child was two, LEVLEN price, my grandparents needed a place to live and he actually said that they could move in. I was blind and grateful so I didn’t realize it was so he would have to do less and I would end up carrying the whole burden. Order LEVLEN online overnight delivery no prescription, (I wouldn’t change that, my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer and I got to spend his last year with him.)

Over the course of all this I started drinking. A lot. It was the only way that I could spend any time with him at all, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION. Made me numb to when he would rape and/or sodomize me, LEVLEN street price. I just blocked it out. Alcohol made it hazy. Buying LEVLEN online over the counter, Then along came number three. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, It got much worse after my grandfather died. My grandmother moved out so there was no need to pretend niceness anymore.

I went back to work. He worked days, low dose LEVLEN, I worked nights. The kids were 7, Buy LEVLEN online cod, 5 and 1. I figured that we were saving money by not having a sitter, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION. What I found out later just about killed me.

He would come home from work, and start drinking, LEVLEN overnight. Or he would have my grandmother come over and sit so he could go to the bar. He would buy pizza every night, LEVLEN duration, and if the kids didn’t want it he would send them to bed hungry. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, If he caught them trying to sneak food, he would beat them. Their bedroom door had louvers in it and I would ask them in the morning what had happened to them, as they were missing. They would say that the baby knocked them out, LEVLEN interactions, or they tripped into it or something. I just didn’t see what was happening. Where can i cheapest LEVLEN online, He was taking them out and hitting my kids with them. He would go on a rampage and make the kids get up in the middle of the night because he had lost the remote control, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION. Mind you he was only doing this to the two oldest. The baby never had a hand laid on her, she just got to watch it all, LEVLEN blogs.

That fall we had lost the house we were living in. By some twist of fate, Buy LEVLEN online no prescription, the only place to go was to my mom’s. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, That happened to be 500 miles away. When we got here, and the kids started to relax a little and realized that he couldn’t touch them here, they told me what was happening back with their dad, online buying LEVLEN hcl. So after being gone for only three weeks, realizing that we were all happier (for the most part) and safer, LEVLEN for sale, I called him (two days before Thanksgiving) and told him that I did not want him to come up, I wanted a divorce. I told him that I was miserable and I wouldn’t live under his thumb anymore. He did the whole crying “I love you I’m sorry it won’t happen again” bull, LEVLEN use. When that didn’t work he told me he was going to kill himself, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION. I told him to just let me know before so I could call and have the mess taken care of.

Once I left, Online buy LEVLEN without a prescription, I started to be me again. It took a lot of hours of looking at myself and not liking what I saw. Up until I met him I was a pretty strong person with not bad self-esteem. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, He turned me into an insecure, emotionally wounded wreck. I was never sure if that punch was going to land on the wall or me, real brand LEVLEN online. Was the next thing that got thrown going to go over my head or into it. Once I was somewhere I knew that he could not hurt me, Buy no prescription LEVLEN online, I saw a lot of things clearly.

My ex-husband can still bring out the worst in me. When I divorced him, where I live they only have “no-fault” divorce and I would have had to put my kids through hell to take care of the other issues, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION. I know that sounds bad, but I just couldn’t put them through anything else, fast shipping LEVLEN. He has to come to where I live to see them, he isn’t allowed to take them more than 45 minutes away, Where can i find LEVLEN online, he is not allowed to drink when he has them.

My kids know that we are survivors and that he can never physically touch us again. I have learned through therapy and friends and family that he can’t get to me emotionally unless I let him. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, I hold the cards.

The healing is close. There are still a few itches here and there, but I feel mostly complete. I married a wonderful, caring man who treats me like a queen. He is great to my girls (they wanted him to adopt them, but their father said no way) and they are actually starting to call him dad. I realize and am teaching the kids that they ARE worthy and that it was never their fault, BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION. That their father has something missing inside and he just never wanted help, even though I begged for years. They know that they have the control over what happens and what doesn’t and that help is now always a phone call away. They know that they can eat what they want, when they want and won’t get hurt for doing so.

It’s been a long hard road, but we made it. BUY LEVLEN NO PRESCRIPTION, We will continue to make it, helping and healing each other along the way.


Deb blogs at Downeast Vixenne.

Help is available to callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hotline advocates are available for victims and anyone calling on their behalf to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, information and referrals to agencies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Assistance is available in English and Spanish with access to more than 170 languages through interpreter services. If you or someone you know is frightened about something in your relationship, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224..



BUY PREVACID OVER THE COUNTER, It’s been a long time coming, telling this story.  Since moving to the Midwest, I’ve kept it pretty close to the chest.  I’ve been reading Violence Unsilenced off and on since a friend posted her story here.  There are some days when I cannot bring myself to read here because it is just too much for me to handle.

My friend in real life, Megan, doses PREVACID work, posted here recently.  I know how hard it is for her to share it so it finally gave me the courage to decide to write this out.  I’m doing this without the support of my loved ones, PREVACID results, except my husband, of course.  My sister refuses to support this coming out.  Maybe one day she’ll understand.  This is a place where fear is put on the shelf and our voices ring out.  This is a place for people to find courage and if I can help someone find courage, then I need to tell my story.  I’m telling this as I remember it.  All the stories are separate events, PREVACID wiki, but all connected. My PREVACID experience, The first thing I remember that just “wasn’t right,” my mom hit me in the grocery store and made me wait out by the car.  I’d been asking for something, repetitively as kids do, PREVACID price, coupon, and she’d lost her patience.  So I stood out by the car, Herbal PREVACID, alone, at night and waited for her to finish her grocery shopping.  Patrons would come out and say “You don’t have to live like that.” All I could think to myself was, “Live like what?”  I was seven, PREVACID natural.

My parents divorced when I was two.  My dad was stationed in Germany.  Every summer I visited.  He and my stepmom would ask me to stay with them.  I wanted to say “YES!” so badly, Purchase PREVACID for sale, but all that went through my head was the pleas of my mom before I left saying, “You’re all I have.  Don’t leave me.”

My dad finally moved to the states and retired from the military.  One summer I came back from visiting, and my mom had a new live-in boyfriend.  This wasn’t so odd.  Mom had lots of boyfriends.  This one really tried to gain my trust though, PREVACID dose.

I should’ve believed her.  She was my best friend.  The last weekend we spent as friends we’d gone away to the beach for the weekend.  She never told me when it happened, Rx free PREVACID, but the police came by our house and arrested him for molestation.  Her word versus his.  She was nine.  He was released.  I’m SO very, very sorry, friend, about PREVACID.

My mom asked me if it was OK if they got married.  I wish I’d said “NO!!” I wanted to.  But, I said “Yes, if he makes you happy.” What kind of nine year old says that?  People pleasing at its finest.  (This was after the above memory.)

The winter after I turned 10, I found out that they were having a baby.  I felt more at peace in the house because I thought the drinking and the partying would finally end.  My sister was born 3 weeks before my 11th birthday.  She’s the only thing that makes this whole ordeal worth it.  I wouldn’t have her, BUY PREVACID OVER THE COUNTER.

The first time it happened, PREVACID no prescription, I had a stomach ache.  He wanted to rub my back to help me feel better.  He rubbed a little too low.  I asked him to stop and he did, but not without making me feel guilty for not wanting his help, and reminding me that I wanted him to rub my back.  All I thought was, australia, uk, us, usa, “Did I really ask for this?  I guess I did.”

When sister and I started sharing a room, Is PREVACID addictive, he would come in and touch me.  Caress my rear end.  Then when I would awaken, he would leap away from the bed and pretend to be consoling a crying baby.  At 11, I really thought, PREVACID from canada, “Dude, PREVACID pictures, I’m two feet away, don’t you think I would’ve HEARD that?”  I refused to sleep on my back or side from then on.  I could “handle” it if it was my butt, but I refused to take the risk that he would touch anywhere else, effects of PREVACID.

I told a friend, PREVACID images, she said if I didn’t tell my mom, she would.  So I called her.  Asked her to come home from a night out of drinking.  I had something important to say.  I told her.  She brought him home, confronted him.  He lied.  She believed him.  I was looking for attention.  Too “neglected” after the baby came around.  I wish I’d been neglected.  I wish I’d been ignored, where can i buy PREVACID online, but I wasn’t. PREVACID mg, One day at school, after it had happened time and time again, I wrote a letter to a friend.  It dropped.  Some other friends found it, buy PREVACID without a prescription, read it, Comprar en línea PREVACID, comprar PREVACID baratos, and instead of returning it to me, turned it in.  I thank God for them.  He never would’ve been forced to move out if he hadn’t had the court order.

Of course, PREVACID without a prescription, my mom made me drop the charges, PREVACID cost, but not after cashing in all my savings bonds beforehand.  I put him in there, I may as well pay to get him out.  She told me I’d never see my sister again if I didn’t.  She was in trouble too.  (Not really, but I was 12 or 13, PREVACID dangers, what did I know?)  To this day, Get PREVACID, she hasn’t admitted she was wrong.  She said she made me drop charges because the attorney’s would have ripped me apart.  My memory is better than yours mom, it’s not true. BUY PREVACID OVER THE COUNTER, When I was 15 I was suicidal.  I mean, friends stopped me just in time multiple times.  A friend really.  My safe haven.  The place I could go for a weekend or a week and pretend my life wasn’t as bad as it was.  I’d have moved in if I would have been allowed.  It was offered.  (I love you all!  I miss you “Mom,” I can’t wait to see you again in Heaven.)

I told my mom one time that I was suicidal.  She replied, “How do you think I feel, I have kids.”  She also told me that I was too fat for any man to love me.  I would cry myself to sleep.  I scratched myself just to feel.  I used to burn things and burn myself.

One time he was drunk, canada, mexico, india, he broke into our house.  I awoke to find him caressing my boobs.  Only recently had I found the courage to sleep in any other way other than my stomach.  It took me years to do it again.  I still don’t ever want my butt or boobs played with.  It makes me want to puke. PREVACID photos, My mom reconnected with an old love.  (Mom, if you think I don’t know who he was in your past, you’re mistaken, online buying PREVACID, I know everything.  You should have hid those journals better.)  I’d met him once when I was 6.  She really thought I’d move across the country and live with him?  I went to live with my dad, PREVACID canada, mexico, india, finally.   The last day I lived with my mom, I didn’t see her.  She was off partying with her coworkers.  She came home at one point to pick up more booze.  She came home at midnight and brought me food to eat and cried and begged me to stay with her.  I said, “No.”  But I was thinking, “Who the fuck are you kidding bitch?  I’m not even worth your spending time with me.”

I spent a lot of time feeling better after moving in with my dad.  Feeling better but not healing.  When I turned 19, I thought I had it all together.  Moved out, started partying, drinking, drugs.  I was staying over at a friend’s.  His buddy was there.  We started making out.  He wanted to have sex.  I told him “No, I’ve never done this before, I don’t want to.”  He did it anyway and I kept quiet.  I thought, “Well, he must really like me if he did it anyway.”  It also solidified my belief that sex was all that I was good for.  I began sleeping with lots of guys.  I just wanted to feel something.  Feel loved.  I thought that was the only way I could feel loved.  No amount of food I ate could hide me from my destiny to be an object to men.  I gained weight and hid behind my fat to keep myself away from this belief, but it found me.  I was an object after all.

I know better now.  I’m married to an amazing man who loves me for me.  Sometimes it’s hard for me when he’s eager to show affection.  It’s taken a lot of time to understand that he really DOES love me and is trying to show it.  I’ve forgiven my mom.  It took a lot of time and prayer, but I realize that she was sick with alcoholism and that doesn’t make it OK, but it makes me understand why she reacted in life as she did.  My goal now is to raise awareness for abuse and eating disorders.  To help women understand that they are worth more than they believe.


Lisa blogs at Unfiltered Insanity. .

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