So here i am. An 'abuse' survivor. When people say 'abuse' it conjures images & reenactments of disturbing popular movies I've seen. They all have a context, relevant dialogue that all makes sense as to why somebody may behave so badly, they have a purposeful & 'life lesson learned' ending. But that's not my story. That's not my experience. That's not my abuse. I never knew the cycle of abuse started for me pre-birth. I'm an 'inter-generational' victim. My Mother is emotionally void & instilled in me the greatest sense of people-pleasing she possibly could. My Father gave me wonderful gifts of believing i am UN-worthy of anything good, i must be submissive at all times to a patriarchal society and, above all, i must not talk back. I must never have a voice unless i am saying 'please' or 'thank-you' or more importantly, 'sorry.' There were times of trouble during my childhood when i wasn't silent when the news was on, or on Saturday morning i was a bit too loud, or even times of not being thankful for the church i was supposed to be controlled by and the men sexually abusing me within it. As time passed it was ingrained in me to just keep silent and put up with what you get. Which i did, and landed myself a husband that enjoyed making my life hell. Not only did he bruise me with tv remotes, his shoes (gee, he loved throwing those things!) one time a hair gel container... anything in his reach really. But he also specialized in the 'words' that all abusers use.... "you're just lucky i'm here. nobody else would stay around"; "you should be grateful i tell you how to improve yourself"; "nobody will ever love you as much as i do"; "you're a liar- that never happened"; "you've got a bloody good imagination... always making things up"; "well if you didn't do that i wouldn't have reacted like that"; "it's because of you that i act like this.. you make me so mad". I also endured the relentless hawk's eye... i couldn't go to the toilet without him saying "where are you going"; the phone rings "who is it?.... okay you can talk to your sister but only for 5 minutes, but she's not coming over". I also had the relentless task of oral stimulation & hideously painful 3 minute penetration to relieve this man of his 'natural urges' and always being told "it doesn't matter where i get my appetite- as long as i eat at home" at the end. domestic violence doesn't make sense. It can be small and quiet. It can be a look, a deep sigh, a turn of the head, it can be loud smashing noises, booming voices, fists thrown, heads bashed. I finally left his grasp when he punched me in the middle of a city street when i revealed the news that i was having our second child, a girl. I was 4 months already..... he physically hurt me so deliberately to end this pregnancy and he walked away when he was satisfied he had completed his mission. He left me in the street, empty..... emptied. I still have to see him on sporadic times because he threatens legal action if i don't permit access to our first child. These are small amounts of supervised times in public places in which he still argues with me about how crazy i am, how unfair i am being, how unwarranted it is to supervise him because he would never hurt our son- it was me that was the problem in our marriage. I've been to the police, I've been to healing centers, I've secured ADVO's, i've been to psychologists, i know the language, I know the literature, i know the process of the cycle of DV. I too can say the words that i believe in love, i believe that one day i might find somebody worthy that treats me well and will help me heal small pieces of my soul. But at the moment, it's all words. I want my daughter. I wanted a good husband & partner in life. I didn't want to be hit. I don't want to shudder if there is a loud bang in a shopping mall; i don't want to feel scared if my voice is too loud or i laugh out loud and people might hear me. I don't want my memories to be 'oh that's the place he hit me one time because...' or, ' he killed my baby there....' Nobody has ever looked at me and told me they know me and love me, every part of me, and I'm not in trouble for any part of it. I want new words in my life. Words that mean something real to me. I don't want to hear "one day he'll get what's coming to him" or "that's sad... you're so brave. have you found a new love in your life yet? you have to move on and stop living in the past", "why did you stay with him? i would have left the second he did anything". I am so damaged from these events. I am so broken from these events. I am so much stronger from these events. But why is everybody talking at me? Words..... just words. When will they mean something? When will they help me feel valued & loved? To me, that's DV.... it hasn't ended just because i suddenly understand the words. ###


Not more than two ago, I escaped an abusive marriage. I fled over the miles to find peace, refuge and security. It is by far the bravest thing I have done, besides not giving up on life in the midst of the turmoil of the unrelenting darkness that surrounded me all those years. Growing up in an environment where abuse was seen as a norm, I pushed away the warning signs that this relationship was no good for me. In fact, I blamed myself and thought I deserved to be treated badly; to be punished for my mistakes. Most often, I shut out the still small voice in my heart that yearned to bring me comfort in saying that I was not alone. To deal with the pain of abuse and rejection, I turned into an addict of sorts. It seemed like this was my only escape from reality. It was the only way to ease the pain of emotional hurt, negligence and crazy games. For me, it seemed like the only way to survive and get through another night. Kept away from the counsel of my family and friends, I had no one I could freely open to with the assurance of receiving help. I woke up each day with a sense of fear from the nightmares that stole my sleep almost each night. Sitting in fear all day of what would happen next, I could hardly ever eat. Even more, I withdrew from people, kept to myself and drowned in a deep sea of depression accompanied most often by fantasies of death. A month after my second attempt to kill myself, I met two wonderful people who became life-changing friends. With their help, I was able to get away from the abuse and danger and I soon found solace in a Non-Profit in New Delhi, India called Maitri ( Maitri is a humanitarian and developmental organization that is committed to facilitating citizenship rights, basic services, dignity and respect for most vulnerable populations. I was lucky to find them since the support they have given me is beyond what they even promise to do. Today, not only do I have their help as a domestic violence survivor but am also given the opportunity to creatively be part of the work they do in bringing care and support to those in need. I still struggle with depression and pangs of anxiety each time I am in a new situation that I was never allowed to experience before. However, with support from new friends, community and God, I am able to overcome. It was never easy being in the trauma of abuse, feeling like my heart weighed so much so that I couldn’t even find the strength to get out of bed and put my feet on the floor. But even now that I am far from such pain, it still isn't easy cause my mind is so used to believing that there is always something to be afraid or hyper vigilant about. It is still so easy to think that nothing is ever going to be okay after all that has happened. However, today I choose to believe differently. With help and hard work life is hopeful. I urge you today to be that friend who believes in the story of the one who needs you to count on. Perhaps, if you don't know what to do, find someone who does. And if you are the one hiding behind the pain of fear and abuse today, I urge you to never give up because help is possible. One in three women worldwide has been physically or sexually assaulted by a former or current intimate partner? "Violence against women is a global health problem of epidemic proportions", says World Health Organization (WHO) Director General, Dr. Margaret Chan. Recognizing the urgent need to create safe spaces for women in the public and private spheres, Maitri has taken a leadership role in launching a Million Signature Campaign called Count On Me." Maitri’s goal is to motivate and inspire people to become part of the movement and the solution to End Violence Against Women. Ending violence against women is necessary to the well-being and mental health of women/girls and their families, but this cannot materialize without changing the mindsets that accept violence. The movement begins with you and me. ### For more on the movement Anna mentions, visit:


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All this has been going on for 8 years. BUY ZOCOR NO PRESCRIPTION, I absolutely adore this man. I love him with all my soul. But I can't be with him.

My story could go on, like many of yours. I am lucky to have a family who didn't ever stop trying to get me out. The last straw was when he had chased me around the resort all day making life unbearable and he punched me three times in the head, BUY ZOCOR NO PRESCRIPTION. I instantly called the police. He did get arrested but not without the cops asking me if he really had hit me or was I just mad at him....WHAT. His mother bailed him out, no restraining order. In the state of California DV laws are VERY weak.

BUY ZOCOR NO PRESCRIPTION, I ended up in the hospital with a tubal pregnancy. My parents came down to help take care of me and that was the time I left with them finally. This was the 4th time my parents had come down there to take me away, but every time I would ditch my parents and go back ....but not this time.

This was three months ago. The charges in California dismissed. So now he has made his way up here. He's constantly blowing up my phone, he harasses all my friends, BUY ZOCOR NO PRESCRIPTION. My parents have blocked every number he calls from me. We now have a baseball bat next to door and always lock the door. I am going to get a restraining order. I thought he would just move on and I wouldn't have to get a order of protection but everyday it is constant threats and craziness from him and everybody around me also gets affected GREATLY. My daughter has a recurring nightmare about him and looks over her shoulder ....SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE to help keep my family and the people around me safe because he won't stop till he gets what he wants.

THIS SITE IS A TREASURE. I read these blogs and they have helped me be strong. Thank you for helping me become UNSILENCED.




LOZOL FOR SALE, My name is Tracie. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee, LOZOL pics, and a survivor. I endured emotional and physical violence by the hands of my ex-husband. I’m going to begin by telling you my story.

I was married to my ex-husband for 4 years. Within a few months of us being married, he became physically abusive, LOZOL FOR SALE. I remember the first time he ever hit me, we were arguing and he back-handed me straight across the face as I got out of the bathtub and was wrapping myself up in a towel. He slapped me so hard, LOZOL pharmacy, I hit the ground. He was immediately apologetic, telling me he loved me, he’d never do it again and that if I hadn’t made him so angry, he wouldn’t have had to do it in the first place. No prescription LOZOL online, To this day, I don’t remember what the argument was about, all I can remember is that I wanted some peace and quiet and to stop arguing, so I went to take a bath, but he followed me into the bathroom and continued to yell and argue with me while I was trying to relax in the bathtub. LOZOL FOR SALE, I knew at that very moment that the violence wouldn’t stop there. You see, he had been arrested on average twice a year while he was married to his first wife for 10 years, cheap LOZOL no rx. I knew about his history, but chose to dismiss it when he told me he loved me, that he had changed and that all of those arrests were his ex-wife’s fault.

The beatings became more frequent as time went by. He would get angry over the smallest things…If dinner wasn’t cooked the way he wanted it, Buy LOZOL without a prescription, if his pants weren’t ironed just right, if I took too long grocery shopping, if I didn’t want to have sex at the very moment he did. It got to the point that we couldn’t even go out and socialize with friends and family, because he was so jealous and would always abuse me when we would get home, LOZOL FOR SALE. He would hit me across the face, punch me, choke me, literally pick me up and throw me across the room like a rag doll, buy LOZOL from canada, shove me into things, even physically kick me out of the bed when I wouldn’t have sex with him after he had come home in the middle of the night drunk and high and beaten me. He even raped me. He had no limits, and he was proud of that. LOZOL photos, One night, he got drunk, we had family over earlier that day and he had been drinking all night. LOZOL FOR SALE, He was insistent on having sex and I was trying to clean the kitchen…he pulled me into the bedroom and started hitting me, I tried to run to the living room to get away and he started picking me up and throwing me across the house. So, I ran back to the bedroom to try and get some clothes on and he took my dresser drawers out of my hands and threw it across the room, then he tried to kill me, and almost did…he threw me on the bed and began choking me, where can i find LOZOL online, he choked me so bad I blacked out and it ruptured the blood vessels in my eyes. As soon as I came to, I ran straight to the neighbors, no clothes on whatsoever, and had them call for help. LOZOL online cod, He was arrested that night, although I begged and pleaded for the officers not to arrest him, they did anyway and I bonded him out of jail the very next morning. I was out of work for a week because of the damage to my face and neck. After that night, he promised to attend counseling and never lay a hand on me again, we made an agreement that if he did, I was pressing charges and leaving him, LOZOL FOR SALE.

Unfortunately, neither one of us held up to the agreement, within 2 weeks, LOZOL duration, he was hitting me on a regular basis again. One night while he was beating me, I decided I had enough, I ran to my dresser drawer where I kept a handgun for my protection, only to find it in pieces and him laughing at me, LOZOL schedule, he knew I would resort to that for my protection, so he had already disassembled it. That’s when I knew that I needed to figure out a way to leave because he was going to kill me one day, if I didn’t. I did finally press charges and leave him one night, after he had beaten me for the last time and fractured my wrist and I didn’t look back. LOZOL FOR SALE, He was prosecuted for felony strangulation, violating a protective order, misdemeanor family assault and federal gun charges. He is currently incarcerated in a Texas prison, my LOZOL experience.

Domestic Violence goes beyond physical abuse. It is mental abuse as well. I can remember him yelling at me, telling me I was nothing, I was worthless, LOZOL reviews, I was stupid…you name it; he would say anything he possibly could to break me down. He would tell me that I couldn’t leave him because nobody else would want me or that if I did leave, he would hunt me and my family down and kill us, LOZOL FOR SALE. He would even go as far as to empty the bank account so I couldn’t leave him, so that I was completely dependent on him. This type of abuse has a dramatic effect in your daily life. You feel worthless, depressed and broken down, you withdraw from your loved ones; don’t perform to your fullest potential at work and in most cases end up sick more often than usual, effects of LOZOL.

What the majority of the population doesn’t understand is how difficult it is to leave an abusive partner and to prosecute them. LOZOL FOR SALE, 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives and every 9 seconds in the United States a woman is beaten by her partner. Every 9 seconds. That’s a lot of women that have been abused, just since I began this story. Every day in the United States, LOZOL images, more than 3 women are murdered by an abusive husband or partner. The problem is that it is difficult to leave an abusive relationship, so it goes unreported in most cases until somebody else is forced to step in, until someone is seriously injured or until someone is killed. The average response time for a 911 call is 10 minutes, I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, that was just enough time for my ex-husband to finish me off, LOZOL FOR SALE. It’s not law enforcement’s fault that the response time takes that long, its just the simple cold hard truth. For anyone in that situation, ordering LOZOL online, that’s a scary thought…so leave an abusive partner the first chance you get, the first time he hits you.

There are many resources available for domestic violence victims nowadays, there is help out there for them, they just usually don’t know about it. LOZOL trusted pharmacy reviews, Just in my area alone, there are many aids and avenues available to crime victims. LOZOL FOR SALE,  Both the sheriff’s office and police department have crime victim liaisons as well as the prosecutor’s office. There are many counseling centers available at no cost and you may also ask for financial assistance to relocate or get back on your feet.

What many victims don’t realize is that it is their decision to leave, their decision to start fresh and their decision to prosecute. That being said, it requires effort on their part, is LOZOL addictive. You can’t just leave and put it all in the hands of a victim liaison, a police officer, an investigator, a prosecuting attorney or even a family member. You have to follow it through to the end, LOZOL FOR SALE. Just like any other life altering decision, Buy LOZOL online cod, it requires effort and participation. You wouldn’t expect to get a college degree without attending college, so don’t expect law enforcement to repair the months or years of damage from the relationship that you chose to stay in. Time and time again, women have their husbands arrested and start the prosecuting process with every intention of following it through, but it is rare that they do. It is because of this, comprar en línea LOZOL, comprar LOZOL baratos, that law enforcement may not take it as seriously as you would like. LOZOL FOR SALE, It’s because of this that men are still out there beating women, I know, I was one of those women at one time. As a victim that is looking for justice, you have to fully cooperate with the justice system. It is set up to protect victims. But you have to help yourself as well. LOZOL without a prescription, The only way to stop domestic violence is to stand up to it. Leave your husband, press charges, follow up with the investigators, with the prosecuting attorney, make your presence known, show up at every court hearing, arraignment and sentencing, follow up with the parole board, LOZOL FOR SALE. Take a stand. If they are behind bars, they know someone got tired of the abuse, maybe they will think twice before doing again.

I will admit, it is stressful, cheap LOZOL no rx, standing up to anyone who has hurt you. I attended hearing after hearing for all of my ex-husband’s charges. LOZOL FOR SALE, I even had his attorney in my face on the witness stand a few times. It seemed like it was never going to end, they would just keep getting reset to another date for this or that…one time I left the court house, got in my truck and just bawled my eyes out, No prescription LOZOL online, instead of going back to work like I should have, I went to spend the day with my dad. I felt like I couldn’t take any more resets, I just wanted it to be over with….and then it happened, a few court dates later, we didn’t even have to go to trial, he pled guilty to everything, where can i cheapest LOZOL online. After he pled guilty, I exercised my right to stand up there in that courtroom and give what is called a Victim Impact Statement; it is a statement, off the record, to the court and the offender of how the crime impacted mine and my family’s life. It was the first time I had ever got to stand up to him and tell him how much turmoil he put me and my family through and how I have learned from the situation. I would go through every single court hearing all over again to have that moment…it was justice in and of itself, LOZOL FOR SALE. About LOZOL, I was finally free, free to be me, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a sister, an employee and no longer the abused, is LOZOL safe.

The only way to stop domestic violence is to stand up to it. If you see the signs in a loved one, offer help, let them know that whenever they decide to do something about it, you’re there for them. LOZOL alternatives, Contact your local law enforcement, counseling agency, hospital….they all know the resources to help you or a loved one get out of an abusive relationship. LOZOL FOR SALE, But don’t stop there; use your knowledge to help others who are going through it. Remember that it takes time and be patient.

Look for these warning signs and offer help:

  • Frequent jealousy

  • Constantly putting their partner down

  • Checking on their partner’s every move

  • False accusations

  • Possessiveness

  • Isolating their partner from family and friends

  • Rarely attending social gatherings

  • The abused partner calling in sick to work to avoid showing signs of abuse

  • Mood swings

  • Controlling personality

  • Withholding money or hiding money from their partner

  • Preventing their partner from reaching their goals (job, school)

  • Not allowing their partner to make any decisions on her own

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

If you see any of these signs in any loved one or family friend, please offer help, LOZOL mg, it may be the one thing that they need to hear in order to take a stand, stop the abuse and leave.

Now, it is time to give credit where credit is due. My family, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, friends, co-workers and bosses were absolutely wonderful through everything for me. If anybody deserves applause, they do, LOZOL FOR SALE. They stuck by me, when it was easier to walk away; they were there for me to lend a shoulder and helped me get out of the abusive relationship. Especially my family, just knowing I had somewhere to go when I finally decided to get out and knowing they would be there for me through every step of it all was an amazing feeling and a true blessing. My sister, canada, mexico, india, in particular, although she may live miles away, has been a rock. She was in an abusive relationship at the very same time I was, and we both left those men almost simultaneously, so we completely understood what we were both going through when we went through it. LOZOL FOR SALE, We no longer talk about the details of our tortuous past, we just tell each other we love each other and we are thankful to be out of that and close again. We understand each other and how precious our lives are. She is an amazing woman and I can only hope that someday, she too will be on a stage with me advocating for domestic violence victims.

And to end my story on a happy note…Since I left my ex-husband and followed through with prosecuting him, I have found myself again. I have figured out what it’s like to think and act for myself again without worrying about any repercussions. I’m able to enjoy time with family and friends and socialize, LOZOL FOR SALE. I believe that everything happens for a reason and always have. That being said, I went through that abuse for a reason, and my belief is that I went through it so that I may be able to reach out and help others who have been abused or are being abused. I am a stronger person today, because I stood up for myself. We all have a past, and some of us have worse than others, but it is ultimately up to us to determine our futures…make yours a happy one, I know I am.

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