BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, As October draws to a close (how did that happen?) I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and support in spreading the word, both about Violence UnSilenced's new non-profit evolution and about National Domestic Violence Awareness Month--and to ask you, once again, to take action. Violence UnSilenced is a wholly grassroots effort and so every single post, Order SONATA from United States pharmacy, tweet, retweet, Facebook link and support badge ensures this forum continues to provide a platform for survivors of domestic violence, SONATA natural, sexual assault, SONATA from canadian pharmacy, and child abuse all year long. Thank you isn't big enough, and the import of your continued readership cannot be overstated, SONATA from canada.

So many more of you wrote lovely, Buy SONATA without a prescription, informative posts sharing VU with your own readers and friends,  many of whom were introduced to Violence UnSilenced for the very first time. On a personal note, this month I witnessed a friend make a safety plan and leave a dangerous situation and it was, SONATA results, among other things, Buy generic SONATA, incredibly inspiring--but then one of the first things she wanted to do was speak out on this site, to help others. This month thanks to your efforts, where can i find SONATA online, in addition to all of the new followers across various social media platforms, After SONATA, I received several emails from survivors who were surprised and grateful for the opportunity to speak out.  Many of them never imagined they'd have the chance. I have gotten notes like this for two and half years, and what continues to get to me is that it's not just the survivor's words that impact victims, it's the words in the comment section, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION. Many victims of abuse who may never have the opportunity to speak out read this site, and when a situation matches theirs closely they watch the reaction and absorb strength vicariously. I know this because they tell me, where can i buy cheapest SONATA online. I of course will never show you my inbox, Where to buy SONATA, but please believe me when I tell you that your support matters. Your words matter. This site isn't me, ordering SONATA online, this site is you--survivor or not. BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, I am humbled every day here, without exception. Buy SONATA from canada, Thank you to Aiming Low and Band Back Together, each of whom volunteered space this month to allow me to introduce Violence UnSilenced to their respective readerships. Thank you to VU BOD members Deb Rox, SONATA dose, Sarah Miller, Online buying SONATA, Anissa Mayhew and Ann Imig for terrific posts on MomCrunch, Blue Truck Book Reviews, Babble Voices, SONATA recreational, Deb on the Rocks and Ann's Rants. SONATA images, Thank you to BOD member Schmutzie for the awesome new Ninjamatics redesign, and to BOD member and VU webmaster Mr. Lady for the ongoing coding and development genius, is SONATA safe. I'm already thrilled by the collective passion, ideas, and gritty work I've been party to behind the scenes by the new board of directors I now serve, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION. There's so much more on the horizon, Buy SONATA without prescription, so much I wish I could share with you, but we'll all just have to wait. For now, generic SONATA, stay tuned in November for an introduction to the unique, SONATA cost, amazingly talented and dedicated individuals on the VU BOD who are donating their time in service to this cause.

A huge, huge, SONATA alternatives, huge thank you once again to BizFilings. SONATA schedule, They generously sponsored VU's incorporation process, and the whole thing has been easier and smoother than I ever imagined possible. BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, BizFilings is an online service that makes it easy for small businesses and organizations to file for incorporation, stay compliant with various state filing processes, and manage the legalities of their business or agency.  They demystify the process and foster accessibility with the Learning Center and phone specialists, so at their core they are a very empowering company. We're obviously all about empowerment too, SONATA for sale, so this has been a fantastic fit. Kjøpe SONATA på nett, köpa SONATA online, I have felt taken care of and supported the entire month. BizFilings isn't just an awesome company in its own rite, it is also completely behind the mission at VU, buy no prescription SONATA online. And that's so cool.

Finally, DV Awareness Month may be drawing to a close but the work continues here at Violence UnSilenced, where it stretches beyond domestic abuse to the often so closely entwined issues of child sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase SONATA online no prescription, Front and center the priority remains the survivor stories, which will continue to grace this page twice a week. Starting tomorrow it's back to business with stories of sexual abuse and assault in addition to DV, SONATA steet value, and I hope you will continue to support VU. SONATA treatment, If you are a survivor and you are safe to do so, please speak out. For survivors and non-survivors alike, where can i find SONATA online, you can grab a badge and add your name to the 2011-12 list, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and follow our new company page on LinkedIn.

Most importantly, drop in twice a week to leave a kind word for the survivors. You never know when you are going to say just the thing that someone, somewhere, needs to hear. You don't need to say anything profound, you just need to be there and be you.


With deep gratitude,

Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz

Founder, Violence UnSilenced.

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DULOXETINE FOR SALE, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. All across the country, people are wearing purple ribbons and gathering at survivor speak-outs to do what we do every day here at Violence UnSilenced--refuse to be silent about interpersonal violence. Awareness creates change, DULOXETINE over the counter, and we’ve seen that principle at work in the Violence UnSilenced community. In honor of this awareness month, Buy cheap DULOXETINE, Violence UnSilenced is making a huge and amazing change. Our outstanding community of writers and readers has strengthened this site for 2 ½ years, and now we are ready to take it to the next level.

I’m excited to announce that this month Violence UnSilenced is becoming an official non-profit organization!

This is a dream come true because now the structure of Violence UnSilenced will match its mission of serving the community, DULOXETINE FOR SALE. Up until now, fast shipping DULOXETINE, I have owned the site as an individual and that gave VU a strong start, but could limit VU’s growth. DULOXETINE without prescription, A non-profit structure is stronger, more empowered and will allow us to expand our reach even further. It’s time to make that change--and although change is essential, it needs to be done thoughtfully and respectfully, order DULOXETINE online c.o.d.

In order to guide VU’s development, I’ve gathered a stellar Board of Directors to serve as stewards and advisers. DULOXETINE FOR SALE, I am absolutely in awe of their talents, expertise and commitment to our mission. Online buy DULOXETINE without a prescription, They are bravely stepping forward as leaders who believe in the power of the blogging community to foster awareness and change, and as directors widely known for rolling up their sleeves to get things done. Please join me in welcoming our new board.

2011-2012 Violence UnSilenced Board of Directors

Anissa Mayhew
Ann Imig
Deb Rox
Renee Ross
Schmutzie (a.k.a, herbal DULOXETINE. Elan Morgan)
Shannon (Mr. Lady)
Stacy Morrison
Sarah P. Miller
Tanis Miller

We will be adding to this core group and forming other community committees and advisory groups to help reach all of our dreams for VU, DULOXETINE FOR SALE. We will give you a better introduction to the board members throughout the month of October, Get DULOXETINE, so please stay tuned. For now, I am deeply indebted to these women for their service.

A brand new look

You may have also noticed by now a more obvious change--the brand new masthead (if you're a regular here, discount DULOXETINE, refresh your browser). This site was originally designed and hosted pro bono by the talented Samantha at Temptation Designs, DULOXETINE schedule, for which I will be forever grateful. DULOXETINE FOR SALE, Sam believed in VU from the start, and donated countless (literally... I can't count them) hours to launch and maintain and promote VU. Sam has now handed off the baton to VU board member volunteer Schmutzie (a.k.a. Elan Morgan), buy cheap DULOXETINE no rx, co-founder of Ninjamatics, who got started by designing the brand new masthead and the 2011-12 badges. Real brand DULOXETINE online, (See next section). Elan will continue to lend her skills to keep VU fresh and relevant, and she will be aided behind the scenes by fellow board member and webmaster extraordinaire Shannon (aka Mr, DULOXETINE FOR SALE. Lady).

I would like to issue a thank you to another past volunteer, Mojo, ordering DULOXETINE online, a North Carolina-based photographer and blogger, who has tirelessly handled all of the technical questions that have arisen along the way up until now. DULOXETINE price, coupon, He also created a short promotional video, designed additional badges currently in use on dozens of blogs and websites, and promoted VU every chance he got. Even though we are streamlining the badges for 2011-12, where to buy DULOXETINE, I remain in debt to his generous spirit and all he has done for VU thus far. DULOXETINE FOR SALE, Finally, I need to give a special shout-out to VU board member Deb Rox. Deb is brilliant, DULOXETINE mg, and in addition to her extensive background with domestic violence advocacy and non-profit development she truly, truly gets the grassroots power of the blogosphere and how it best connects with companies. Through her new consulting agency, Platform, generic DULOXETINE, she has steered this non-profit evolution--and she has done it all pro bono.

Thank you all for your service, Kjøpe DULOXETINE på nett, köpa DULOXETINE online, past and present.

A huge thank you to BizFilings

Violence UnSilenced’s work this month, and our grand evolution to non-profit status, is made possible by the generous sponsorship of BizFilings, purchase DULOXETINE online no prescription. Becoming a non-profit corporation is a rather amazing and involved process.  It is incredibly useful and instructive to formalize and professionalize, but it was daunting to me until I learned that help is readily available, DULOXETINE FOR SALE. BizFilings is an online service that makes it easy for small businesses and organizations to file for incorporation, stay compliant with various state filing processes, Low dose DULOXETINE, and manage the legalities of their business or agency.  They have a wealth of tools online in their massive Learning Center, and specialists by phone help guide you through the applications. BizFilings demystifies and makes accessible the steps needed to professionalize your work, so at their core they are a very empowering company and we are honored they stepped up to help VU, DULOXETINE steet value.

What can you do?

The new Board of Directors joins me in inviting you to spread the word about Violence Unsilenced this month during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We have several things in the works, DULOXETINE use, and invite you to check back to this post in the coming days and weeks.

DULOXETINE FOR SALE, 1. Take (or recommit to) the Violence UnSilenced pledge to support survivors

As many of you already know, here at VU we pledge to listen and leave supportive comments for the survivors who share their stories on this site. In the past we linked to all of you in a big long list--from here on out, where can i cheapest DULOXETINE online, we will rebuild the list each year as we all annually recommit our pledge to the survivors.

If you've never taken the pledge before, DULOXETINE no prescription, now is the perfect time. If you've taken the pledge in the past, please grab a new badge and renew your commitment.

It's easy: just grab the code on this page and put it in play on your blog or website; share it with your Google+ or Facebook fans; or install it as an email signature, DULOXETINE FOR SALE. Get creative, where can i find DULOXETINE online. Then email us to let us know you've renewed your commitment. In return we will add your name (with hotlink) to the new 2011 "Show Your Support" page, DULOXETINE from mexico, where all of the survivors can see that they are heard and supported.


We are offering two different pledge badges this year, one for survivors and one for supporters, DULOXETINE wiki. "I'm UnSilenced" means many things to many people. If you are a survivor, DULOXETINE pics, speaking out here means you are "unsilenced." For the rest, you are aligned to the cause. You are Violence UnSilenced. You are making wonderful things happen for VU and the lives of all of the survivors it reaches, DULOXETINE FOR SALE. Without you, rx free DULOXETINE, there is no VU. It's as simple as that.

2. About DULOXETINE, Like us on Facebook.

3. Follow the brand new (as in just yesterday!) Violence UnSilenced company page on LinkedIn.

4. Follow Violence UnSilenced on Twitter.

DULOXETINE FOR SALE, 5. Speak Out on Violence UnSilenced about your own story of abuse so that other survivors will know they're not alone, and the rest of us will be further educated.

6. Visit VU regularly and leave supportive comments for each survivor. We realize that some of these stories may leave you speechless, but even something as simple as "I'm here" or "Thank you" means the world to survivors.

7. Continue to speak out against domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and sexual assault in your own communities. Every single voice matters.

Back in February 2009 when Violence UnSilenced launched it was immediately embraced by the personal blogging community, finding new readers along the way and evolving into a rich network committed to awareness, healing and change, DULOXETINE FOR SALE. VU came from us, easily, organically, because we genuinely cared about each other. Because we had stories to share, and because we understood the power in speaking out. This is an important distinction to me because VU has always been first and foremost by the people, for the people. It has been about the survivors and the storytelling. DULOXETINE FOR SALE, Period.  That tenet, the core of our mission, will never change.

I don’t have words to describe how exciting this is, and I’m looking forward to sharing more about all the possibilities the new non-profit status and my new role as Executive Director will afford. For now, know that the mission remains the same and the people fostering this evolution are wholly aligned with said mission. I feel so confident in this group, and so charged up about what the board and the community will be able to do together in service to Violence UnSilenced.

With deep, deep gratitude and joy,

Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz
Founder, Violence UnSilenced

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